Time Value of Money Video Lectures

2) The Basics take about 15 minutes

     Kinds of Interest Rates 1:51
     Time Value of Money 3:01
     Annuity  3:26
     Bond Valuation 3:59
     Perpetuity 1:54
     Future Value of an Uneven Cash Flow 6:09

3) Examples takes about 40 minutes.
     Introduction to Present Value 10:19 A choice between money now and money later.
     Present Value 2 10:11  More choices as to when you get your money.
     Present Value 3 7:42 What happens when we change the discount rate?
     Present Value 4 (and discounted cash flow) 10:02  Change discount rates
     depending on how far out are the payments.

4) Finance Basics Taught in Excel 12 videos

5) Additional material
Time Value of Money has many short videos

    Time Value of Money Exercise from LoyolaAC201 takes about 9:58