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Research Project Overview
Writing a Research Paper covers all the basics.
Research Project Help By Academic Discipline  
will provide an overview of what you are going to do.

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Data Collection and Data Sets
Data Collection & Analysis is a well done book. has free version
Questionnaires & Surveys Tutorial is extensive.
Questionnaire Construction is concise.
Survey/Poll sites
STATISTICAL DATA from around the world
STATS-USA is a service of the Department of Commerce.
United States Census Bureau
Geospatial and Statistical Data from the university of Virginia
Business Research

Basic Business Research Methods 
Business Research Lab
Marketing Research
Research Paper Internet Library has step-by-step directions.
Writer's Complex has a step-by step research room. provides product information on about everything.
is a college class reading list. shows statistics used in media research. 
Forecasting Principles has information by cohort.
Questionnaire Design and Surveys Sampling
The Grammar and Research Hospital has a free sample of a $10 e-book.
Citation Machine will help with the footnotes.

Social Science Research

Resources for Methods in Behavioral Research NEW
Research Methods Knowledge Base is a 
textbook for social science research methods. 
Also good for those doing MBA/DBA research. Includes a search engine.

Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
The web Center for Social Science Research
Researching Criminal Justice

Screen 5 Social Science Research
Research Project Overview
Data Collection and Data Sets

Business Research
Marketing Research
Social Science Research
Research Papers Using Data

Writing a Research Paper Using Data
Data may come from the Internet provides data sets and stories
 as examples for research projects.

Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
will help with using the Internet for research.

Data may be collected
Research Randomizer  
 Questioners and  Surveys

Data must be analyzed

Selecting Statistics", by Bill Trochim (Cornell) is based on the number of variables you are studying.
Overview of Statistical Procedure  provides a great review of available tests for your the variables.
Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics will help with choosing the correct analysis.

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