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Advanced Topics
Reference Material
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Statistics Material for Scientists

Advanced Applications

Statistics Application Tools

Operations Management Labs
Statistics Tutors can help with difficult questions.

Control Charts: Chapter 24 from CD

Corporate Information - Case Studies
Monte Carlo Simulation

Chance Website from Dartmouth College
A New View of Statistics uses sports for examples.

20 Questions A Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results | NCPP
Polling:  Doing it Wrong  
SMART is for those beginning to apply statistics tools.
Statistics from Book Center Net
Quality Control Course Material from Professor R. C. Baker
Online courses focused on patient safety and quality improvement from George Mason University
Online courses focused on informatics and electronic health records from George Mason University

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Reference Material
Statistics Application Tools
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Advances Course Materials from Dr. Beth Chance
 Mellon Data and Stories Library
Statistics Papers for Download from UCLA
What Statistical Analysis Should I Use?  
from UCLA
Online courses focused on statistics & data analysis
from George Mason University
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
University of Michigan Statistical Resources on the web
Jim's Favorite Websites

Statistics Books and Notes

HyperStat Online: An Introductory Statistics Book is a concise, well written narrative.
Online Statistics Books recommended by Graph Pad
Data Collection & Analysis is complete and well written.
SticiGui Online Statistic Textbook
has many Java Applets
Probability and Statistics Class Notes  is for those with a knowledge of calculus.

Electronic Statistics Textbook - StatSoft  is extensive.
Quick Notes Statistics
is a concise outline covering many important topics.
Social Statistics has a concise topics index.

Statistics Concise Preview
is a very concise lecture.
StatNotes: Online Textbook covers some unique areas.
Lectures in Mathematical Statistics
Lectures in Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting

A New View of Statistics  by Will G Hopkins
explains basic to advanced concepts for those with with little math.
Examples are from sports physiology and are frequently updated.
Check out this online book and then refer to the other books if you can't find what you need.

Engineering Statistics  involves quality control.
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice  
by Gerard E. Dallal. is a practical discussions of how to interpret statistical results.
Resampling. The New Statistics.
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Books and Notes Ties to Software
Intro to Quant Methods is designed for Excel.
Psychological Statistics, designed for Minitab,
 centers on Behavioral Sciences.
Introductory Statistics:  Concepts, Models, and Applications
is for those using SPSS. 
Visual Statistics is for those using SPSS. 

Our Statistics Tutors can help with difficult questions.

Teaching Statistics
Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics
Journal of Statistics Education
Teaching Statistics an International Journal 
Teaching Statistics-Personal Observations of a Teacher
Free Statistical Tools on the WEB

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Statistics Material for Scientists

Engineering Student Handbook is extensive, well organized.

Online Six Sigma Certification [Green Belt]
will improve your resume.

Our Statistics Tutors can help with difficult questions.

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