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Problems are those encountered by business owners Darin Jones and Linda Evens.

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Descriptive Statistics

Practice Sets

Quick Questions

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Taxonomy of Statistics
2 Nature of Statistics and Measurement 
3 Measurement Scales
None Page 3

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Page QQ3

4 Frequency Distributions
5 Graphs

Page 6
Page 7

 Page 8   
Page 9
PS 6-7 QQ 8-9
10 Mean   
11 Other Measures 
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
Page PS12-13 Page QQ14-15
16 Measures     
17 Using Measures   
P 18
P 19
    P 20     
P 21
PS18-19 QQ20-21 
22 Mean & Median     
23  Skewness
Page 24
Page 25
Page 26
Page 27
PS 24-25 QQ
28 Measures  
29 Quartiles-Percentiles
P 30
P 31
P 32
P 33
PS 30-31 QQ
Test Material Formula Review for  
Descriptive Statistics 34
Descriptive Statistics Test  
Page 35   Page 36    Page 37  Page 38  Page 39  Test Page Answers T35  T36-37  T38  T39 
Additional Practice Problems

The Basis for Inferential Statistics

40 Introduction to Probability   
41 Addition Rule

   P 42
   P 43 
 P 44  
P 45
46-7 Multiplication,
Bayes' Law, Counting
P 48-49 P50-51 PS48-49  QQ50-51
52 Binomial Probability
53 Poisson Probability       
  P 54   
P 55
    P 56     
P 57
 PS54  PS55 QQ56   QQ57  

58 Continuous Normal
Probability Distribution
59 Using z     
60 Finding z   
61 Normal Approximation-binomial

P 62

P 63

P 64

P 65

QQ 65
66 Sampling Distribution of Mu     
67 Central Limits Theorem
 P 68

P 69     

PS68 QQ69
70 Population Proportion  
71 Sample Size
 P 72
 P 73
P 74
P 75
QQ 74-75

Probability Test Material
Formula Review    Probability

Additional Practice Problems 

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Probability Test  

P 78   P 79   P 80   P 81   P82   P83
Probability Test Answers  

T78   T78-80  
T80-81  T82   T83 

Inferential Statistics

Parametric Statistics

A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics.

84 Large Sample HT   
85 Two-tail test

P 86  P 87  PS 86 QQ87

88 Two large samples   
89 Type 2 error  

  P 90   
P 91
  P 92   
P 93

94 one-tail of one sample proportion 
95 one & 2-tail of 2 sample prop 

 P 96  P 97    PS96


98 one-tail, 1 small sample 
99 two-tail of 2 small samples,

paired difference test

P 100 P 101 PS100


102 x-bar chart    
103 R & p charts

P 104 
P 105
  P 106   
P 107
PS104    PS105       QQ106     

108 Sample Variances, ANOVA  
109 Difference between 3 means

  P 110  
P 111
   P 112   
 P 113
114 Two-Factor Analysis of Variance   
115 example, comparing 3 means
 P 116    
P 117  
P 118   
P 119
120 chi-square, Goodness of Fit   
121 Test for independence  
P 122
P 123
P 124
P 125
126 run test, one sample, one tail sign test  
127 Mann-Whitney test
 P 128
 P 129
P 130
P 131
132 two-tail of two sample sign test   
132 testing three medians using Kruskall-Wallis 
 P133 P 134 PS133  Q134 

Inferential Statistics Test Materials
Formula Review 
Inferential Statistics 
Executive Summary of Inferential

Additional Practice Problems
Study design from BMJ

Inferential Statistics Test
P 138  P 139   P 140   P 141  P 142   
P 143    Page 144    Page 145 

Test Answers   
T138  T139    T140  T141 
T142  T143    T144  T145 


146 Correlation  
147 Coefficient. of Determination 

P 148
P 149
P 150
P 151
152 Regression      
153 Interval Estimate of a conditional mean
   P 154   
P 155
    P 156      
P 157

Correlation and Regression Test Material
Formula Review    
Correlation and Regression

Additional Practice Problems

Correlation and Regression Test
P 159   P 160  P161 
Test Answers
T159  T160 T161  

GDP comparisons across time

March 10, 2020Leave a comment

from Asad Zaman

This continues a sequence of posts aiming to show how apparently objective statistics conceal large numbers of arbitrary value judgments. 
(1) Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics,
(2) Subjectivity Concealed in Index Numbers,
(3) The Values of a Market Society,
(4) Cross-Country Comparisons of Wealth,
(5) Purchasing Power Parity,
(6) Downfall of Rhetoric in 20th Century,
(7) Facts & Values: Distinction or Dichotomy?.
This is the 8th post, which considers comparisons of GDP across time within a single country.

In comparisons across countries, we face the difficulty that the concept of “wealth” has varied across societies, and changed with time. The “average basket” of goods varies for each country, because different societies have different preferences and values. We cannot compare apples and oranges. It seems that these problems would be reduced if we considered a single society across time. The concept of wealth, and the average bundle of goods would remain relatively stable, at least across short periods of time. We will now discuss difficulties which arise when we consider growth across time, comparing GDP across the years for a single country.  read more

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