Statistics Software Lab Manual
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1. Using the Manual    2. Three Tests   3. Supplements    4. Statistics Review

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1. Using Manual Labset
roblems and answers in the provide spread sheets are from
our free lecture notes
Quick Notes Statistics,
and with a
pdf version. Be sure to save Worksheets.

To Begin Click on
Quick Statistics Lab Set
use password  aprilblackie to open.

Look at all the tabs before working your way through the workbook.
Note the many problems with complete solutions.
You may begin anywhere. Reviewing complete solutions is a great review

2. Three testsa
are designed as an example of how statistics is used to do research.

Descriptive Statistics     Answers

Probability     Answers 

Hypothesis Testing     Answers

3. Supplements
Additional Software Practice Problems 1     2

Statistics Problems With Solutions great to review basics

Determine Appropriate Application
Choosing Appropriate Statistics Test 

Statistics Application Tools

Research Project shows how to calculates descriptive statistics,
a t-test, and correlation using Excel.

Behavioral Sciences Statistics 

Excel   Minitab     SPSS     TI-84   

One-Page Schamatics
1. Micro Taxonomies

Descriptive    Probability   
Parametric    Nonparametric    Relational Statistics

2. Macro Taxonomies  Statistics   Inferential

3. Choosing from appropriate statistics
Formulas   Distinguishing Statistics Tests   

Help from the Internet

Quick Statistics Cheat Sheets for those in a hurry.

Statistics Video Lectures Using Excel

Improve your excel has over 1000 free Excel tutorials and tips.

Basic Statistics Review Problems with answers are designed to emphasize the basics.

Research Project Help By Academic Discipline
contains links to sites designed to help you do a research project.

Statistics Internet Library has free Internet Statistics books and much more.

Excel Internet Library

Excel For Statistical Data Analysis from Professor Hossein Arsham 
is an excellent  static presentation of the material found in our Excel Statistics Lab Manual.