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Learn Difficult Concepts With the Quick Notes Learning System, author  Walter Antoniotti

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Accounting 1 and 2   Accounting I & 2        Practice Sets Accountings Accounting   Accounting     Free Accounting books
Accounting, Managerial   Accounting, Managerial           Managerial Accounting Library
Algebra. Pre    Problems, Worksheet  


Algebra Pre, Calculus   Pre-Algebra, Calculus    Algebra 1 & 2
Economics, Macro/Micro   Macro/Micro     Economics   


Economic Thought, Financial Crisis    
Statistics   Basic, Social Sciences Statistics Statistics Statistics Statistics  
Statistics, Excel  Excel

Research Project

Test Using


Minitab, SPSS, TI-84

Software Problems 1

Software Problems 2

  Minitab  SPSS, TI-84    
3 Special Reviews   
Pre-Algebra Mathematics
Mathematics Formula Reviews   
Whole Numbers    Fractions    Decimals, Ratio, Rates, Proportions. Percentages    Exponents, Square Roots, Algebra, Geometry Algebra
Formulas    Using Formulas to Solve Problems    Multi-step Word Problem Graphs, Signed Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Measurement

Accounting Cycle Basics   Overview  
Accounting Equation   Accounting Principles    Analyzing Accounting Information    Time Value of Money
Statistics Formulas    Statistics Taxonomy    Parametric Statistics Taxonomy    Inferential Statistics Summary
    Choosing Appropriate Statistics Test
2 Collection Compiled from the Internet
Graduate Advise
Graduate's Career Handbook.  Career Guidance for Graduates     Education Affects Income     Choosing a College and Major    Not All Majors Were Created Equal
History of U.S. Political Economy: Prelude:   Modern Western Civilization Economic History    
Building America's Democratic Federalist Capitalistic Republic      Political Economy     Politics 1788-2016  Economy Since 1900    U.S. Economic Normality 1945-2015

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Homeschooling       Arts/Science   Business   Courses. Business    Courses Sciences/Arts   Economic Classics    Excel    History    MBA Prerequisites  
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1. Academic Libraries
Business  Accounting   Accounting, Managerial   Entrepreneurship   Law   Management   Marketing   MBA  Media   Investments 1   Six Sigma   Small Bus
Computers   Business   Technical   Business Software  
C++ I   Excel   Excel Statistics  Programming   Software Tutorials    TI-84   Word   Excel Statistics
Education   Libraries     Who is Responsible   What Should Education Accomplish     Multiple Intelligence    Ten Commandments     Historical Observations  
Current Leaders Advice  
Education Manifesto   Manifesto Executive Summary    Educating Class of 2034  
Investing in Education Economics of College Education     Academic Education and Training Helps a Talented Minority
Investments    Financial Improvement    Personal Finance  Student Personal Finance    Self Improvement  
Health/Lifestyle   Healthy Dieting   Healthcare Learning Materials     Medical Assisting    Nursing
Arts/Sciences   Academic Quick Studies   /Book Summaries   Book Summaries, US History   Class Handouts   Crime/Drugs    Criminal Justice   
Education, History of 20th Century American   Economics    Economics Macro Overview   Econ Class Handouts   Econ Teacher Resources Education    
Economic Recessions, Severe  Excel Research Project   Generations/Fourth Turning   History    History of Christianity     History, US Political Economic  
Journalism   Leadership   Learning English   Mathematics  Political Science   Psychology    Research Paper    Sociology Sports   Statistics    War on Terror  
Self Help AP, SAT Test Prep   Homework Help   Meeting People   Self Improvement       TOFEL     Negativity in the Media   Overcome Your Negativity Bias

2. Academic Videos
Economics   1 & 2    Capitalism   Current Politics   
Current Topics    Econometrics    Economic Thought History    Economics and Business    Environmental
The Financial Crisis  
Classical Economist   Future of Euro 45 min video     Democracy Failed Workers    EconTalk Podcasts    Freakonomics Radio
Education Improvement  3 Overviews     Audio Video Supplements    Virtual Learning      Cuban Interview: Future of Education   
Math Lectures  
Algebra , Pre   Algebra    Calculus, 1, 2, 3   Computer/Math   
Statistics   Statistics     Behavioral Sciences Statistics  Software  Excel   Minitab     SPSS     TI-84      Financial Accounting I & 2    Accounting, Managerial
Special  Psychology 101   Research Paper    College Courses   Why Won't Progressives Acknowledge Progress?

3. History of U.S. Political Economy
  Modern Western Civilization Economic History

U.S. History
Constitution Building America's Constitution     Constitutional History    Growing a Democratic Republic    
Building a Nation Brave New World   So You Want a Revolution Constitution to Manifest Destiny  Apocalypse  Civil War & Reconstruction  Growing an Empire: Wild West to WW1
World Leader Boom, Bust, Boom: Jazz, Depression, WW2     Hot War, Cold War, 1950's Race Relations   Camelot, Vietnam, and Race Riots    Evil Empire, Axis of Evil a Century Ends
Turning Points in American History Lectures The Colonial Period    Growing a Democratic Republic    Growing a Nation     A Nation Divided   A Changing Culture
Concise Studies  Recent Decades Ranked by Problems   U S Banking Problems    20th Century American Education   American Unions   
Book Summaries Don't Know Much About History Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned, by K. Davis
Turning Points in American History Notes based on a Great Course Audio
U.S. Presidents
Presidential Courage G. Washington   A. Jackson   J. Adams   A. Lincoln   T. Roosevelt   FDR   H. Truman   JFK    R. Reagan
Presidential Book Summaries 
Thomas Jefferson
 The Art of Power 2012 J. Meacham 
Presidential Courage Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989 M. Beschloss 
Second Chance 
Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower Z.. Brzezinski, 
American Dynasty Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, K. Phillips,
Presidential Issues Federal Deficit    Entitlements    Tax the Rich   Welfare       Income Inequality Cures    Policy Affects Income  Inequality Exposed

Few Good Jobs    Why Trump Won
U.S. 20th Century Economic History    Economic History 1900-2007   20th Century Decade Evaluation
Economic Normality 1945-2015
Rising Income   Foreign Competition Caused 1970's Wage Stagnation    1980's  Manufacturing Fall Brings Less Regulation  
Financial Bailouts and Economic Recovery Poverty Stuck at 15%     Profit Growth  Up, Wage Growth Down     Wellbeing Growth Continue
Recent U.S. Economic History Analysis
Income Inequality   Safety Net   Treated Fairly?   Capitalism and Good Management Lowered Wages   Capitalism to Blame for Economic Plight
Analysis World Changed, Good Jobs Gone    Great Recession 3 p
   U.S. Economic Normality 1945-2015  p 2   One-Page Macro Economic Theory
Concise Studies Economic Growth    Cost of Wars   Great Recession 1p   Post WW2 International Economic Competitive Adjustment and the New Normal
Dollar Privilege   Exorbitant Dollar Privilege   Positive Dollar Privilege Prediction

U.S. Political Economy   Building U.S. Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic   A Very Brief Political History of the United States      Political Eras 1788-2016                           Political Economy Historical Summaries

Political Economy Academics    Political Economy 101      Government and Politics 101    Handbook   Political Economy Studies    Book Summaries
US Politics
Political Eras 1788-2016    
     A Very Brief History of Elections    Controversies     Issues      Readings    20th Century American Education
Terror  War on Terror     U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900    Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015    The Art of War     Gun Violence Affects Police     U.S. Wars
Controversial  Economics Exposed   Everyone is on Welfare   Is Financial Aid Welfare?   College Tuition Not Going Up Rapidly   
Look Out the Window Economics     Economics Exposed
Current Political Economy Issues  
Political Economy Videos   Political Controversies   Current Events Internet Library    Latest Economic News
John Bolton Lecture On Foreign Affairs     Confessions of a Left Leaning Centrist   Thoughts Concerning Society
Public Policy Education Videos from Hoover Institution
  Economic         Environment      Health Care      National Security

4. Education Manifesto pdf
Summary   Historical Observations   Current Leaders Advise   10 Commandments   World Changed, Jobs Disappeared   Community Prioritizes Goals   Educating the Class of 2034

5. Teaching Stuff
Classroom     Curriculum   Course Materials    Economics Teacher Resources   Excel for Educators    Teacher Stuff

1. Individual Wellbeing
Economic Wellbeing    Economic Future of Our Children    Are Child & Youth Protected    Are Students Learning Less?

Personal Finance    Student Personal Finance    Financial Improvement   Investments     Self Improvement  World Wellbeing Up

2. Student  Stuff  
Personal Finance    Choosing a College and Major    The Importance of Grades      AP, SAT Test Prep strategy    Passing Math Test   Self Improvement   More Student Stuff

3. Career Stuff
Options for Graduates   Personal Advancement   Career Information   Geekability for Success   My Next Move      Career Guidance   Education Affects Income

4 . Sundry Stuff
Business Courses   Quick Notes Course    Why Trump Won      Interesting Thoughts Concerning Society
5. Author/Editor Stuff Walter Antoniotti  Question: Is it possible to work for a better future and not disparage the now?

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Free Learning Materials

21st Century Learning Products Books and Video Lectures 
Academic Earth -- many video lectures from the world's top scholars on many subjects
Accounting Books-
- an extensive collect
Accounting for Managers has many concise booklets with exercises
Accounting Practice Sets -- one designed for a pencil and two designed for software.
Accounting Test Review Notes is a 48 page,  seven tests reviews of Accounting I and II.
Accounting Tests with Answers
help you prepare for tests.  
Active Free Stuff
has a developing education section.
Audio Books the classics and much more
Aussie Educator Textbooks-- has an extensive collection of textbooks and portals
Bibliomania-- reference books, literature notes, study guides, articles, interviews... concise free textbooks contain advertising
Book Summaries--
5-8 page summaries of current political science books
Business & Economics Video Lectures

Business Textbook Internet Library-- many business areas



Capitalistic Democracy
Changing Education Paradigms is required for appropriate textbook pedagogue
Chaos Science Revealed! Order "Chaos", on DVD!

Choosing a Major/Career
Sixty-one of the greatest classic and growing.
College Courses Video Lectures go over important concepts "Quickly"
Community College Consortium Open Educational Resources Open Content
Computers Books For Business
Computer Education Libraries have free software, tutoring, and books.
"Cosmology: History and Nature of Our Universe", on DVD, Xplore the Mysteries of
Creative Commons
-- click on Find CC Licensed Work, enter the subject area
Curriculums, Individualized
Debt, The Big Secret Behind U.S. Federal
Dieting has an interesting approach.
Digital Book Index has 130 000 title records, 90 000 of these books are free.
Economic Textbooks has books for economics majors and professions.
Economics Test Review Notes
Educating the Class of 2030
Education Libraries cover economic implications of education, improvements, reforms
Education's Bottom Line

Education, U.S. vs. Germany and Britain, Our Biggest Value Added Competitors
Education, Curriculums
Educational Audio/Video Libraries cove academic subjects
Effective Reasoning, How to Make Your Point! Order "Argumentation: The Study of Effective"
English Video Lectures-TOFEL
e-books- Modern Fiction

English as a Second Language has extensive help.
English Video Lectures will help you learn English.
Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel. Use aprilblackie to unlock
Excel, Quick Statistic
Individualized Curriculum Will

Great Recession 2 page summary from Quick Notes
Grow Better Students at a Lower Cost.
Free Book Center has many computer and mathematic books.
Free High School Textbooks

Free Non-business Textbooks from Anthropology to Software and Sociology and beyond.
Free Online Books links to major collections plus subject collections. has an extensive, well organized collection.
Freeload Press
has free college textbooks paid for with advertising.
Get Free pdf books is extensive.
Globusz has great business books on other subjects.
Global Text Project-- click on the Books tab
Grade Saver Online Study Guides
: extensive,  grouped alphabetically for easier access.
Health Care Cost Statistics
are not pretty.
has audio/video lectures on Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Physics, Religion, and U.S. History
History Using Quick Notes concise info on history, politics, understanding today
iLumina has sharable undergraduate teaching materials for chem, bio, physics, math, CS.
Iran, A Concise 20th Century History of Iran
Iraq, A  Concise 20th Century History of
Islamic Fundamentalism

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (US)  provides content of popular courses.
Lecture Fox has physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and the faculty mix.
Light and Matter open source physics textbooks
Managers, Accounting for has many concise booklets with exercises
Math Texts from  Professor Mark Dubin, at the University of Colorado
Math, Interactive, where you learn math by playing with it.
Mathematics textbooks online: George Cain, School of Mathematics, Georgia Inst Tech
MBA Prerequisite Books and Notes-- many business areas
MIT Open Course Ware
Music, Learn the Language of Music! Order "Understanding the Fundamentals of Music", DVD, CD, MP3!
National Academies Press, The ‘Read more than 3 000 books online. Online Books Internet Library -- many areas, especially literature.
Online Medical Textbooks: has a wide a variety.
Online Science and Math Textbooks: biochem, chemistry, aeronautics, medical manuals
Open Book Project encourages and coordinate collaboration among students teachers
Open College Textbooks beginning of 2009
Open Course Ware Finder allows search six open courseware sites simultaneously.
Open Culture lists books by subject.
Open Learn
from the UK has comprehensive materials on business, technology, the Arts...
Orange Grove Text Plus
Oxford Scholarship Online
: monographs in many academic areas and 1,350 Oxford books.
Perseus Digital Library, The
Tufts Univ ‘Perseus brings a wide range of source materials.
Probability Video Lectures are "Quick" and to the point.
Probability Tests Taking Tips
Programming Books, Online
is extensive
Project Gutenberg covers both fiction & non-fiction.
Pink Monkey:
study guides, book notes, and online textbooks for 15 subjects.

Quick Notes Course Outlines
-- accounting, economics, statistics, mathematics
Saskatchewan University (CA) has general engineering class notes.
Science Texts an extensive list from Professor Mark Dubin, at the University of Colorado
Sparknotes study guides covering a range of areas is predominantly Language based
Statistics Formula Reviews
four concise reviews
Statistics Test Review Notes two pages per chapter
Statistics Tests with Answers help you prepare for problem tests.
Statistics Test Passing Help has multiple choice and true/false tests, answers provide.
Statistics Video Lectures cover the basics quickly.
Sunnis and Shiites at War 
TED talks has mind-expanding short talks.
Test Prep Internet Library links to free test preparation materials
Textbook Revolution-- many diverse areas
The Assayer coves many areas, specializes in math and science.
Travel With Walter

Tufts Open Courseware has many  subjects, with a focus is on computer science.
Virtual Learning   
Wikibooks open-content textbooks
-- many diverse areas
has over 1,000 free public domain e-book downloads.
Webcast.Berkeley has current and archived course and recorded special events.
World Wide School® Library: Lit, Soc Sci etc. divided into language sub-directories
Professors Providing Free Internet Textbook Alternatives


Free Courses

21st Century Learning Products Courses for students and Course Materials
for teachers. Subject area include  
Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, and 
Statistics using Excel.Minitab,SPSS,TI-84

100 Free Online Ivy League Courses

A Christian Thought Experiment

Academic Earth - Video lectures from the world's top scholars

Berkeley Webcasts
Business  Courses are from major universities.
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
English as a Second Language has extensive material.
English Video Lectures will help you learn English.
Johns Hopkins

Kutztown University specializes in Small Business Management
MRU University specializes in Economics
National Repository of Online Courses-- high school, AP and college courses
Notre Dame

Open Course Ware Consortium has an extensive list of open courses by country.
Open University -UK
Quick Notes Course -- accounting, economics, statistics (Excel, Minitab, SPSS, TI-84)
Sofia from Foothill-De Anza CC with testing material makes this truly a user friendly site.
Stanford Courses
Tufts University
Utah University

Editorial Economic Wellbeing

Recent economic history helps figure out
what workers can expect
concerning future their economic wellbeing.

New Normal #1 was the high profits and wages made possible by WW 2 generated savings and pent-up consumer demand plus a lack of meaningful foreign competition.  Its demise began in 1973 as business faced added pressure created by OPEC oil embargos soon to be enhanced by increased Asian competition.  This New Normal #2 required workers and owners to compete with payroll taxes for a share of company revenue. The results were stagnating wages as measures by Census Bureau CPI measured median household income and the Rust Belt. Concurrently philosophical changes were causing New Normal #3 as the U.S. returned to lax conservative business regulations which helped consumers continued their American Dream with increased credit card debt and home improvement loans later called home equity loans. Soon the 1987 Federal Savings and Loan 160 billion dollar bailout continued A Long Existing Normal that began when the Panic of 1792 caused a federal bailout of states over-burdened by their Revolutionary War Deb. Recently some feel the Census Bureau poverty rate being stuck at 15 percent is New Normal # 5 though using Federal Reserve recommended adjustments plus adding noncash safety net transfer lowers the rate to five percent.  Another Long Existing Normal is continuing business success as US Companies competed very well in a flat world using technology, outsourcing to Asia, Mexico...and by keeping wage increases low. Another Long Existing Normal is Continued Increased Citizen Wellbeing caused by a stable society which allowed almost continuous economic growth and provided a large though poorly accounted for public safety net. Also providing wellbeing is scientific which has cured diseases, created smart phones, streaming audio-video, Gillette Stadium ... Finally personal Income increased continuously if not always rapidly because nature and nurture improved the personal characteristics needed to enhance wellbeing. Comments to


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