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Complete Library
Part 1
Panorama of American History          Part 2 Presidents          Part 3 Analysis

Don't Know Much About History
From Building a Nation to Becoming a World Leader

Democratic Capitalist Federalist Republic Politics
Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians

Turning Points in American History
Outline of a Great Course Audio covers 400 years

American Nations
From the utopian "Yankeedom" to the conservative
"Greater Appalachia" and liberal "Left Coast,"
examines cultural  differences sheds light on America's political and
cultural divides and help to
understand how distinct identities and
values are slowly becoming more united.
C. Woodard

Generations and The Fourth Turning
Seven 80-year Constellations
Each With Four Repeating Segments Called Generations.
Are We In a Fourth Turning which concern the crisis period of a Constellation?

 Colonial Politics Leaders, Presidents, Authors,  World Leaders

Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989 by M. Beschloss

Few Emerged Unscathed from Nixonland.

Thomas Jefferson
The Art of Power 2012 by 
J. Meacham 


Prelude: On Grand Strategy

 The processes and complexities of devising grand strategies by U.S. Presidents J. Gaddis


Developing and Applying a growing Republican, Federalist, Democratic, Capitalistic constitution

21st_Century_Banking_Turbulence  from A Brief History of US Banking

21st Century Geopolitical Options Success requires designing and implementation of a Grand Strategy.

Storm Before the Calm

America's Discord, Coming Crisis of the 2020s, then Triumph
Source G Friedman

Superpower  Three Choices for America's Role in the World  Ian Bremmer

American Dynasty
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush by K Phillips

Welcome the Hackocracy
a look at Bush 2's difference making appointments

Second Chance 
Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower by Z. Brzezinsk

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege
 What History Reveals About Our Future with videos by S. Daniel and D, Ziblatt

The Code of Capital
Political Economy of the United States 1619-2019
 Anthology of 2- 6p

World Political Leaders  Modern analysis of Political Leaders

Tax Changes for a post Covid America

Geopolitical Summaries  of recent studies from our editor


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